Construction Paper Water Painting


One of my niece’s favorite activities right now is painting! She’s actually pretty good at not making a mess and is very meticulous with each stroke. Her mom was an art major and I see a little artist in her too! My child, on the other hand…. apparently thinks the (probably most toxic, dollar store bought) paints are delicious. I cannot get this kid to not put the entire paintbrush into her mouth over and over again! I have been skimming Pinterest for some edible paint recipes but haven’t had a chance to make any yet.

In the meantime, we have been painting with….. water-and it’s been a huge hit! That’s right, water! Water on construction paper=mess free perfection! The water changes the color of the paper just like paint and these gals are apparently too little to know the difference! Our highchair trays have cup holders that are perfect for holding the water-no need for an extra ramekin or something else they could throw at me! HA! Then I tape the paper down to the tray, give me each a paintbrush and BOOM! Cue mama’s happy dance and two super happy girls!

This activity is great because it only takes a few seconds to prep and they are ready to go! Keeps them both contained in their highchairs which actually lets me get dishes done, a load of laundry folded, etc!

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