Mama Bear

Harlow Ann Marie

September 13, 2015 at 8:22pm our 8lb 3oz baby girl was born. She came out with a (BEYOND) full head of jet black hair and whaled for at least twenty minutes on my chest during our first moments together. After over twenty four hours of labor I was thankful she was finally here. I loved our time in the hospital AFTER she was born. I guess I was just relieved she was here and healthy. I felt very at peace. What can I say? Our lives were changed forever and we were in love with this little ball of chub and hair! These are the moments you fall in love with your spouse all over again. Brandon was amazing at the hospital before and after little girls arrival.

We had finally settled on her name maybe a week before she was born? It’s funny because Harlow was the first name we had picked out although we kept changing our minds and searching for more name ideas. But we kept coming back to where we started. Brandon’s middle name is Harley, after his grandfather. He had passed away just a few months before Brandon was born, so we loved the idea of paying tribute to him. We know this meant a lot to Brandon’s mom as well since she was pregnant when her father passed. She always wished he could have met Brandon. Ann Marie was my grandma that passed away right around the time of our wedding. She was an extra special lady I will share more about in the future.

Fast forward 16 months and this girl has come into her own. She is full of sugar and extra spice! She is constantly giving me doses of myself which continues to crack me up and infuriate me simultaneously! Example? Apparently I put my hand on my hip. A lot. Cue little repeater servin it right back! And can we discuss this kids hair? A hairstylist’s (mama’s) dream! Make sure you a follow my IG page (@coffeeandkissesformama) for more Harlow Hair Pics (and fashions)!

I miss the little newborn days but wouldn’t change a thing as this girl melts our hearts and gives us belly laughs everyday. Every new word she learns or concept she grasps leaves us in awe. I’ll be sharing more adventures of H as time goes on so be sure to subscribe!


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