DIY Play Binoculars


Hi guys! It has been an absolutely gorgeous few days here. And these girls have been loving it! Playgrounds and picnics everyday y’all! So, I have an awesome little ditty to share with you guys today. I made these before, about 6 months ago but they had taken some wear and tear so it was time to retire them… in the trash can, HA! Time for some new ones! Per usual, this project is…. easy, pretty much free and awesome!

-2 toilet paper rolls OR 1 paper towel roll, cut in half
-Yarn or thicker string
-Single hole puncher
-Construction paper (optional)


Place your two rolls side by side and glue together. Hold together for a couple minutes for the glue to stick or clip with clothes pin like this.


The next step is optional, but while mine was clipped I wrapped it with construction paper and secured with glue.


Next, punch a hole in the top portion of each outer side of each roll.


Attach each end of your string to each hole.


Viola! I thought about adding some more decoration but I think I’ll let the girls jazz them up themselves with some stickers.

Disclaimer: Because these are designed to go around your child’s neck, never leav your child unattended while playing with these. And always keep out of their reach when they aren’t being used.

GUYS! These binoculars are excellent props for imaginary/pretend play. Since it is still February and I’m sure we will still get a least a few more wintery days, these will be perfect for those days spent inside, dreaming of being out! I know your little ones love these as much as these kiddos do! Don’t forget to follow for more fun!


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