PomPom Drop


March certainly came in like a lion here! Wild winds and much colder days. So we’ve been back inside, trying to stay busy (and happy 😂). Here’s to hoping the month goes out like a lamb!

This is one of favorite and easiest kids activity! Great to keep them entertained so I can maybe unload the dishwasher or fold a load of laundry! All you need is a paper towel roll and some large craft poms.


You can make any concoction of multiple paper towel or toilet paper rolls to make yours longer, shorter, etc. Just tape to the wall and unleash the poms! I usually tape mine to a piece of cardstock so it can easily taken down from the wall while still staying intact and ready to re-tape another day.

You can get creative and tape yours on a diagonal too. Your littles will love this time after time! Be sure to click “follow” and add your email address for more mom fun!

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