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Chill Mom

Mamas. I’m coming out of a little bit of a rough week or so. Sick mama. Sick toddler. Below freezing temps leaving us pretty much home bound. And almost a foot of snow outside with a little one too sick to even go out and play in it. You seriously don’t appreciate feeling “good” until you feel like you are dying. Mommin is so tough and sick mommin almost flippin impossible😂 Last Thursday and Friday consisted of us eating our (whatever I could grab) meals, picnic style, on the living room floor (with the dog as our crumb catcher) and movies. Lots and lots of movies. I was just trying to make it to nap time without throwing up!

As I started to feel better, the mom guilt started to settle in. Letting her eat junk all day and sit in front of the TV for hours are two things I usually take effort in avoiding or at least limiting. I try to keep sugary foods and screen time “special”. I seriously felt awful about it for a day or so then it got me to thinking about how hard we as mom’s can be on ourselves! My kid didn’t eat a vegetable and watched too much TV for like a day and a half. Chill mom. Like seriously. I need to chill. She will survive!

Now, what your kids eat or how much TV they watch may not be a concern of yours and girl, to each their own! But I’m sure you have your own “things”. At least one! Something you care about and really try to put effort into doing or not doing and when it slips for a little you really beat yourself up over. Whether it’s the effort of being more present, or engaged or even just trying to have more one on one time with your child. And the truth is. You’re doing just fine! We, as mothers, sometimes need to remind ourselves that we are humans. We are not perfect by any means. We are all just trying to do the best we can. Our kids know that we love them and that’s all that matters. So here’s to all my mamas out there-you are enough.


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