Easter Egg Maracas

Hi guys! It was a gorgeous, laid back Easter weekend here! Food, family and fun! Before you pack away all your Easter loot, I have a quick and fun little ditty to share with you- Easter egg maracas! Guys, my daughter and niece LOVE these and they cost me nothing to make. You guys know that is my favorite! All you need is one Easter egg and 2 plastic spoons per maraca! Add some dry, uncooked rice and some tape! And seriously, that is it!

All you need:
•1 empty, plastic Easter egg
•2 plastic spoons
•dry, uncooked rice
•washi tape

All you do:
Add some uncooked rice to your Easter egg, not too much. Over filling the eggs gives less room for the rice to move around, making less noise versus more. Take your two plastic spoons and line them up facing each other. Wrap the handles together with tape. Very gently pry open the top part of the two spoons and pop your egg into place. Wrap the egg and spoons in more tape! Now shake people, shake! How fun (and adorable) are these!?


What are your favorite Easter traditions?

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