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Low Carb, Low Sugar Avocado Chicken Salad



Hi friends, I’m still over here trying to get my diet back in order after our Florida trip! Following a low-carb diet can get boring at times but I’ve found that variety is what helps me stay on track! Boredom is the enemy! Chicken tends to be the most common protein I go for. It’s the most versatile and it’s cheap! We tend to always have leftover chicken in the fridge that sometimes stays there until it dies😂 You guys know I am all about saving money and reusing pretty much anything when possible. This recipe is great for fresh or leftover chicken and only calls for three ingredients that I almost always have on hand!



•1 chicken breast, cooked and preferably well seasoned
•1 ripe avocado
•lemon juice
•salt (optional)


1-Shred chicken
2-Mash avocado with fork
3-Combine the chicken and avocado and add lemon juice to your liking
4-Add some salt or spices if you’d like but if your chicken was already well-seasoned, you can probably skip this step.

This Avocado Chicken Salad is so good, fresh-tasting and really beats plain, dry, leftover chicken! Feel free to add some mix-ins or pair with anything else you have to get rid of in your pantry or fridge! What is your favorite low-carb meal?



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