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Low Carb, Low Sugar Cloud Bread



Hi friends! I’m over here finally feeling back on track with my diet and exercise since our trip to Florida and I’m feeling good! When it comes to following a low-carb/low-sugar diet, I know I have preached a lot about variety but for me it really has been key in my success. It can become very boring very quickly-meat, protein, veggies, repeat. Preparing foods differently or even assemblying meals differently has also really helped me fight boredom. Whether your trying some new meats or vegetables or swapping out your usual salad with grilled chicken for a grilled chicken lettuce wrap, these kinds of changes have been instrumental in my weight loss. Cloud Bread is an egg-based “bread” that works great as a traditional bread substitute. I love it made into a sandwich or even just with butter and jam! With only 1g of carbohydrates and 1g of sugar per piece AND only three easy ingredients to make,  this bread is a total win! This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled.



Carbohydrates: 1g per piece   Sugar: 1g per piece


•2 eggs, separated
•2oz cream cheese
•1/8tsp cream of tartar or baking powder

1-Preheat oven to 300 (F) degrees
2-Separate eggs, putting whites in one bowl and yolks in another
3-Add cream cheese to yolks and mix until smooth
4-Add baking powder to whites and beat with a hand mixer on high until fluffy and peaks form
5-Gently add the yolks mixture to the whites mixture and fold to combine
6-Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and spoon mixture into dollops, mimicking “buns” or bread rounds
7-Bake for 30 minutes
8-Let cool completely before removing from sheet

I have found leftovers actually store best in a non-airtight container. Anything airtight tends to make the bread a little too soft. I hope y’all enjoy! Don’t forget to click “follow” and add your email address to keep up with all my fun!



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