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What the heck is a Spending Strike?



What the heck is a Spending Strike? A Spending Strike is exactly what is sounds like. My husband and I spend $0 for 7 days. How the heck do you do that? It’s really not that hard, guys! I start my strike with an extremely small trip to the store (in place of my usual weekly trip) for the ESSENTIALS! I’m talking milk and some produce. And that is it! Dont even bother getting a shopping cart! The whole idea behind the strike is to save money so don’t go out and spend extra money to “stock up” for this week. That’s kinda the point, Ha!



Pantry, Pantry, Pantry!
Use up that pantry! Everyone has loads of stuff packed in there that we see time and time again and think “Nope!”. Well, my friends, today is the day to say, “YES!”. This sounds soooo obvious but seriously, clean out that pantry and freezer and make the most of what you can find! Some “to-go” meals for us because we pretty much always have all ingredients on hand is breakfast for dinner, grilled cheese and tomato soup and chicken quesadillas! These are all super kid friends too! They won’t notice any type of sacrifice. If you guys having been following along, I have shared that I try to usually follow a low-carb/low-sugar diet. And I am still able to for most of my meals during this week. Hey, if I’m going to have a cheat meal, at least I can feel good about saving some serious money! But I usually do just fine with using meat and veggies from our freezer during this time. This time of year makes it a little easier too. With the warmer spring weather, I have been able to get out and walk and run more than the past months. Not be mention picnics, grilling out and afternoons spent at the park at all free.😉

So besides the obvious of saving money because you aren’t spending money, that is only the first part. The second part of the Spending Strike is the most important! You take your weekly budget amount that you didn’t spend this week and apply it directly to some form of debt. An extra credit card payment, student loan payment, etc! A spending strike is the easiest way to make extra debt principle payments without bringing home any more money.

Don’t have debt you are trying to tackle? A spending strike can still be beneficial for you! Spending strikes are great for putting money aside for something on your wish list! Whether it’s a vacation, a class or sport activity for your kids, or even just some new items for your wardrobe. Using money from a spending strike is a great, guilt-free way to be able to pay for something out right.

A Spending Strike can be a great jumpstart into a new frugal lifestyle, too. After a week of easily surviving on next to nothing, it will change the way you feel about your money being spent in the weeks after. And don’t forget this isn’t about squeezing by with no fun or freedom. I would take a week of grilled cheeses for a new purse or trip to the spa any day! It’s about changing your mind set about money and finding creative ways to be able to “have to all”.



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