DIY Framed Recipe Cards



When it comes to home decor, I have to admit I am a sucker for photographs. We have tons of photos all over our house. There are two major reasons I love decorating with photos: 1.) they are super cheap to have printed and 2.) I’m a total sentimental sap! Cheap and sentimental? Yeah, I’m about it!

A couple months back a started a sort of command center with kids craft supplies organization. I needed storage and organization for all the crap taking over my kitchen table and and counters. I got wire baskets for everything from magazines to recipe books to paints and glue. After I hung the baskets, I needed some small filler wall pieces to help create kind of a gallery wall. I don’t quite have my wall complete yet but I will be sharing when it is!



Feeling all “pictured out”, I decided to take different yet equally sentimental and cheap route! How sweet is this? It’s my Grandma’s Heavenly Biscuits recipe. I have made a couple of these Framed Recipe Cards now and I adore them! If you have traditional recipe cards, they can just be framed and boom, that’s it! Adorable and sweet. In my family, recipe books are huge! So I simply photocopied and printed the book page and cut the recipe I wanted to size!

I absolutely love these sweet things and cherish the everyday reminder of my Grandma. She lived in the kitchen, always cooking up something beyond delicious. Now I have a special piece of her in my kitchen.



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