Paper Towel Roll Apple Stamps



I know I haven’t posted a kids activity in a while. But hey, overall it’s been a gorgeous few weeks and we have been living outside. From mama’s morning coffee on the front porch to pajama time chalk fun in the driveway, we have been loving the warmer weather! However, it is still spring in Maryland and this week, it’s been very wet! So we have been busy inside with some fun stuff to share with y’all! Today’s project I’m sharing is super easy and fun! The kids are really big into identifying colors and foods right now, so this just seemed perfect! Bonus, I already had all the materials so this craft cost me (my favorite price……) nothing! Score!


All you need:
•Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
•Red washable paint
•Green washable paint and a small paint brush (to add stems)
•Trash bags (for aprons)


All you do:

Bend your paper towel rolls into apple shapes.

Then, similar to my Valentine’s Day Heart Painting, simply dip the apple shapes into the paint then onto the paper. We went through several sheets of paper, but what I can I say, they love it! They are initially very paint happy at first. So I will usually start with more of a scrap piece of paper to let them get all your their crazy stamping everywhere done! Then, on a fresh sheet of paper I will help them slow down a bit and be more intentionally with their painting.


After it dried, I went back in with my small paintbrush and green paint and added the stems. Voila!

This activity was perfect for my one and a half year old daughter and two and a half year old niece! I would imagine it would work well for older kids too! They are always amazed by seeing different shapes on the papers instead of just a traditional brush stroke from a paintbrush. Happy painting!



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