Sugar Cone Bird Feeders



Good morning, guys! I have one of the CUTEST activities to share with you today. We have a good bit of wooded area around our house. Lots of trees and paired with an awesome and elaborate birdfeeder set up our neighbor has, we are super lucky to get tons of gorgeous birds all around our house. Recently, the kids have actually really gotten into them! They love hearing all the different sounds they make and seeing the different colors. They also love to look out back and see what birds have taken up perch on the deck. My niece is especially into a woodpecker we hear each and every morning! I thought it would be so much to make some birdfeeders. And as usual, I kept it super cheap👍🏼



All you need:
•1 sugar cone (per feeder)
•peanut butter
•pipe cleaner for hanging

All you do:
Snip the very tip of the cone with kitchen scissors. Tie the end of a pipe cleaner into a knot and thread through the newly cut opening of the cone. Now, spread peanut butter onto your cone, covering as much of it as possible. Now, spoon on the cheerios! You may need to use your fingers to get them to lay flat. Then sprinkle with birdseed!

Y’all, these girls LOVED making these (mama included)! You’ll definitely want to plan for extra cones. I forgot to tell them to be gentle at first and when my niece when to scoop hers up, it crumbled in her hands! AND we went through some extras because I couldn’t get my kid to stop eating the cone before we could even got the peanut butter on😂🤣 We did this inside, as a rainy day craft but this would be super fun to do outside on a sunny day, too! We have these beauties hanging outside now and they love checking on them and watching the birds.

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