5 Beauty Fixes For When You’re In A Pinch



Guys, don’t kill me! I know I have been MIA around here but what can I say? This summer season has been giving me all the feels! The days are longer and yet fuller than ever. The sun seems to rejuvenate me and tire me out at the same time. Regardless, I have been soaking up every single second of it! Just simple pleasures like enjoying my morning coffee outside feels priceless and almost vacation-esque (yes, I totally made up that word 😜). I have also been taking this time to unplug a little and really be present in these moments. Taking my eyes up from my phone and seeing these beautiful moments right in front of me.

That being said, I’ve missed y’all and I’m really excited to share today’s post! For any new friends out there that may not know, I am a licensed cosmetologist and still do hair part-time while I’m not covered in yogurt kisses or being climbed on by toddlers😂. It keeps me sane, to say the least! Today I am sharing a few of a favorite beauty hacks I use all the time!



PROBLEM: Dry shampoo too ashy or starchy for your liking?

FIX: Are you guys tired of me talking about this stuff yet? I could go on and on forever about it and probably will😂 I still get a ton of questions about dry shampoo and still even get some reasons from people as to why they (make sure you’re sitting down…) aren’t fans of it. Shew! Wasn’t sure I was going to be able to even utter that! I have some basic step-by-step directions here I recommend. BUT, if all else fails, change just one thing and it will make all the difference! Follow those same directions, but apply it the night before instead of in the morning! That way the product has all night to absorb into your hair and you have the most natural look possible.


PROBLEM: No time to wax your brows?

FIX: For those you that don’t know, I am a huge fan of penciling in my eyebrows. I like to use pencil to darken and lengthen them to better flatter my face shape. Penciling alone can really bring the focus where you want and minimize the appearance of stray hairs. But, to take it one step further, the like to trace directly along and below my brows with a white pencil. I then smudge and blend with a q-tip. This not only acts as a highlighter, it is the best camouflage for stray (needing to be waxed) hairs!


PROBLEM: Greasy roots and frazzled ends?

FIX: Now this tip is for my long-haired gals out there like myself. My hair falls more than half way down my back, a couple inches passed my bra strap. One thing to remember about long hair is, it’s old! It’s been around and abused for a while, years even. I can still remember my beauty school teacher asking: what if your wore the same sweater everyday and just kept washing and drying it and putting it back on. Well that’s basically what we do with our long hair! My fine hair needs conditioning but too much will make it fall flat and won’t hold any curl. I essentially need to wash my scalp to get it clean and protect and condition my (old😩) ends! That is where this hack comes in! Now brace yourselves. I condition before I shampoo😱 Sounds nuts, I know! But it works wonders for me and I swear it has attributed to my hair growing the longest and healthiest it’s ever been. While in the shower, I wet my hair. Then I apply conditioner to the lower one-half/one-third of my lochs. Then, I shampoo, focusing on my scalp, only. The conditioner acts as a barrier and protectant for my fragile ends from my (potentially harsh and stripping) shampoo. And that’s it! I may shampoo again, still concentrating on my roots if it’s been many, many days since my last shampoo (which is usually the case😂) but that is it! I don’t condition again. For my hair, I have found it adds just enough moisture to my hair without overly hydrating and weighing it down.


PROBLEM: Mascara dried out?

FIX: This is one of my favorite tips because it is also a money-saving one! I’ve shared my current favorite mascara with you guys here. When it starts to get dried out and you’re about to toss it in the trash, DON’T! Simply add a few drops of plain eye drops to your mascara and stir around with your wand a little. BOOM! Like magic, the texture is back to perfect and I can easily get another couple weeks out of that same tube!


PROBLEM: Hair not holding curl?

FIX:I often get asked how I curl my hair and get my curl to hold. I also get asked how I have time to curl my hair with 2 toddlers running around my house most days. First thing is first, I most definitely do not curl my hair everyday. It’s just not in the cards for me right now while #toddlermomming😂 Secondly, I also “set” my hair when I curl it! What does that mean? Well, it’s super easy and only takes an extra second per curl to do and so worth it for your curls to actually last. I take my section of hair I want to curl, spray with a medium hold hairspray, curl as usual (regardless of the section size or whether I’m curling my hair the traditional way or just wrapping my hair around the iron, similar to a wand), then I slide the iron out of my hair and bobby pin it in place at the root. After doing my entire head I look like a wild woman with a head full of rollers! Definitely my husband’s favorite look he sees a lot😂 Now, you can keep your hair set like this for as long as you want! Even just 30 minutes will help lock in that curl. An hour or two will fair even better! I give my whole “set” head a good spray all over right when I am first done curling and pinning and a couple minutes before I take it all down. When I take it down, one bobby pin at a time, my curl is super strong! Then I can leave it alone and brush out some. Not only does this give me a much better curl, it is also so much more convenient for me. I usually can’t entertain my little one for the duration of me curling my whole head. This is where I can curl my hair during afternoon nap time on a Friday and leave my curls in and set for a couple hours before date night! I just do my curling whenever I can and let it chill until I am ready!


I hope you guys find these hacks useful as I seriously rely on each of them almost daily! For more beauty tips and tricks and all #momlife, be sure click “follow” to never miss a post!



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