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Toddler Smoothies with Hidden Greens

As my baby girl is quickly approaching two, she has been pickier than ever about what she’ll eat. I’ll be honest, we had it pretty easy before. Up until about 15months she would eat pretty much whatever we gave her. Any fruit, veggie or meat she was served, she would devour! While she still loves fruit, the rest is up for debate on a daily or even hourly basis! That and the combination that she refuses to milk always has been worried about her getting the nutrients needed for her growing body. That’s where these smoothies come in!
I have always made smoothies and shakes for myself and she thinks getting a sip of one is a real treat! I figured making some for her would be great for filling in the gaps in her diet. I also like to hide in her liquid multivitamin our pediatrician recommended in her smoothies. Talk to your doctor before starting any vitamin regimen. These have become part of our morning routine and Harlow eats them up! Guys, I find myself making these for myself, too. They are THAT good! All you taste is the yummy fruit!
Strawberry-Banana + Protein
•1 banana
•1 handful of spinach
•1/4cup strawberry yogurt
•2Tbsp peanut butter
•1tsp flax seed (optional)
•2-3 ice cubes
•splash of milk until desired consistency
Berries + Oats
•1/2 banana
•1 handful of frozen berries
•1 handful of spinach
•1/4cup blueberry yogurt
•1/4cup oats
•1tsp flax seed (optional)
•2-3 ice cubes
•splash of milk until desires consistency
This was been a great breakfast, on the go, this summer. And how sweet are these cups from Target? Also, (and this tip gets frugal points too) if there is any leftover smoothie, I pour it into a popsicle mold and it becomes an afternoon or evening treat she thinks is “ice cream” 😉
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