Sidewalk Water Painting

Hi friends! It’s been a wild and busy summer over here. How are the days longer yet seem to fly by faster than ever? We have been living outside these passed couple months. The kids love running around and exploring more than anything so there hasn’t been much rhyme or reason to our outdoor adventures. However, I did want to share the girls’ latest favorite outdoor fun, Sidewalk Water Painting!
We like to scribble, practice letters and trace shapes. As the fall weather as been coming in more and more here, my niece loving water painting and tracing leaves. “Painting” over chalk is fun too. It turns the chalk into more of an actual paint. This is also a great activity for the pool!
Kind of a summer twist to our Construction Paper Water Painting! It’s easy and FREE as well. All you need is some water and some paint brushes and boom! They will seriously do this for over an hour which lets me honest, for two toddlers, that’s pretty much a lifetime! It’s also a life saver that it’s just water so their is not paint mess to worry about!
I hope you guys are soaking up these last couple weeks of summer like we are! Don’t forget to click “follow” to keep up with all our fun, plus follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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