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Harlow is TWO!

Two years ago today, I was in the hospital resting for the biggest task of my life. I had labored at home long and hard since noon the day before with contractions leading up to every two minutes. I was relieved to be at the hospital and grateful for my epidural. I honestly had a great hospital experience. We checked in around 4am. I got my epidural about two hours later and spent most of the rest of the day resting. Labor progressed slowly on its own the throughout the rest of the day. That evening when my nurse checked me for the last time, I was finally 10 centimeters and she told me she could feel our baby had a ton of hair! I had a ton of hair was I was born and I just knew she would, too! We had just finally decided on her name the week before but we were more than ready to meet her. After about 30 minutes of pushing and less than 4 hours before our due date, our baby girl was born. Brandon was right there for everything. He was the best partner to be my side. The nurses would even comment how sweet he was in offering to help them with any and everything. Harlow Ann Marie was born 8lbs, 3oz and 20inches long with a ridiculous amount of hair. The staff could not get over her hair, it was a sight to see and it still is! We ended up staying in the delivery room for a couple hours after and didn’t get moved to our family room until after midnight. God bless my parents who brought us pizza and we got to spend the first evening our in new room, having our very first pizza party with just the three of us!
Two years later and it’s wild. I still remember some parts like it was yesterday yet some moments are a total blur. I am so thankful for our positive delivery experience. We both cherish it. When we came home, Charlie was a different dog. He knew something was majorly different. He didn’t know what to do with this new thing but quickly become attached and would stand guard like a protective big brother around her. They have been best friends ever since.
Today Harlow is a wild but sweet and smart “big girl” as she would say! She loves to color, play with bubbles, slides, animals, and still loves bath time. She loves being read to, which cracks me up because it’s the only thing she will sit still for! She will sit and listen to 10 books in the row. I have found that to be the thing I cherish most right now. It’s a time when I can slow down, be present and just savor her sitting in my lap instead of running away from me. She also loves puzzles and taking care of her baby doll she has hilariously named Jimmy!
The days are long but the years are short. I used to have to remind myself of that every morning before tackling the day but now I know it all to well and it almost scares me. Time is a tricky thing and all we can do is cherish it. Cherish every little giggle, every tiny victory and every snuggle.

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