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What’s (REALLY) In My Hospital Bag

With less than two months to go until my due date, I’ve been in full nesting mode. Checking things off my to do list everyday and loving it! I’ll be honest- making lists, checking them off and getting ish done is one of my favorite pastimes, hahaha!
I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant with our second baby girl. Girls rule the world over here! My husband and I both only have sisters (no brothers) and each sister has all girls, too- No nephews for us!
I’ve always been a little bit of an over-preparer but I’ll take that over being under-prepared any day! Or cue major anxiety over here, shew! I’m pretty sure I had my hospital bag packed at 6 months when I was pregnant the first time around. For me, it’s just peace of mind! I have gotten tons of questions from friends as to what I am packing in my hospital bag so I knew I wanted to do a post to share! This being my second time around, I’m trying to ride a line somewhere between not forgetting anything, including things I wish I had the first time around, and being as somewhat minimal and efficient as possible. In addition to the physical items I have packed, I have a super helpful list (again, I love lists guys!) of things to do or remember while in the hospital, too!
First and foremost, its important you find out what your delivering hospital provides for you. Before having our first, we did a hospital tour to get a lay of the (maternity ward) land and all the information pertaining to what our hospital would be providing me and baby with! My particular hospital provides:
-Newborn diapers
-Baby Wipes
-Maxi pads
-Nipple cream
These particular things were life savers to me so if my hospital didn’t have them, I would most definitely bring my own! So find out what kind of loot your hospital has for you!
For Mommy:
Phone Charger
(These will look different for everyone. Just make sure you have all your every day getting ready and shower items. I did specify a couple of major life savers below.)
Dry shampoo
-Bobby pins + hair ties + hair clip
  You’re gonna want put that hair up at some point so I like to be prepared!
(You guys, I will be the first to say I am a big fan of mesh undies the hospital provides you with, BUT another blogger, Lauren, over at mentioned using these bad boys in stead of using the mega-pads with the mesh undies after having her third baby just a few weeks ago and it just seems genius!) UPDATE: These are beyond life-changing! So much more comfortable and didn’t leak at all! Wish I woould have used them the first time around for sure!
Texturizing hair spray
(I don’t plan on bringing any curling or flat irons with me, so a spray I can add to my hair to get me some style for after delivery to help me feel human again will be my best friend! Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aide Spray is my current favorite for a beachy, salt wave look!)
(I live in my room at home- seriously my husband always makes fun of me! It was time for a new one so I scooped up a comfy one from Target and have packed in my bag so I will be fresh for me in the hospital.)
Flip Flops
  (For the shower)
-Sports bras
(I lived in sports bras in the hospital [and for weeks after] last time. Super comfty and easy to nurse in. Just make sure you pick some with a lower neckline for maximum nurse-ability and skin to skin contact.)
(Again, this will look different for everyone but I plan on taking two pairs of leggings, two tees and one or two lightweight zip ups and/or cardigans. I am all about the comfort in there!) UPDATE: my post-birth hospital uniform both times were leggings and a sports robe with a robe. Super comfty and easy for nursing but still gave me a lot of coverage for visitors!
-Camera + batteries/charger 
-Harlow’s Big Sister Gift
(We didn’t go overboard with this but I wanted Harlow to have a present to open from the baby when she comes to visit. She’s a typical two and half year old girl and obsessed with all things Disney princess related. I have a Rapunzel + Max doll set I had stashed that I got on super sale from Target (Originally $25 on sale for $5) about a month ago. So she will get that along with Daniel Tiger’s book, “The Baby is Here”. They have a great TV episode of this too as well as a few others to help new big siblings learn to adjust to life with a new baby in the house. We are big fans of D.T. over here!)
Wallet (You want to make sure you have your ID and insurance card.)
Planner (I’m a big paper and pen planner girl, so if you have one you live by like I do, you’ll want to be sure you have it with you. More on why later!)
Nursing/Pumping Bag:
I know some of these items for pumping wont be necessarily needed for the couple of days at the hospital as it took about four days for my milk to come in last time. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, you are more than likely just going to be nursing in the hospital for baby to get colostrum and practice getting a good latch. But again, I like being prepared just in case my hospital stay is longer than expected or I have any pump related questions for the lactation consultants. Almost all health insurance companies will provide expectant mothers with a free breast pump so be sure to contact them! Almost all hospitals have pumps for you to use during your hospital stay and even to take home as a rental if you have not gotten your pump in time. I have both the Medela Pump In Style and the Medela Freestyle. I love them both, but the Freestyle is battery-operated and cordless and let me tell you- total game changer! It’s hard to go back to being plugged into the wall after that! I mean, pumping while folding laundry, doing dishes or even just being able to get up and get a glass of water is amazing!
Nursing cover
Pump + Attachments
-2 small bottles + lids
Nursing pads
Nursing + pumping tank top or bra
For Dad:
Phone charger
  (I haven’t stocked up on these quite yet but last time I mainly packed some Gatorade, snacks for Brandon and candy for me for after delivery. Lets be honest- you earned some candy, girl!)
For Baby:
Car seat
Sleep sacks
(These are great for easy diaper changes and striping off for skin to skin!) UPDATE: my second baby ended up being 10lbs so most clothes didn’t fit her! Bless her roly heart, haha! These were a life-saver and almost the only thing we packed that fit her!
Sleeeveless onesies
(My sister found these when she had her first baby and these things are the best for layering or hot summer days!)
Swaddle blankets
(I can’t remember if we brought any last time because the hospital has them but I wanted to be sure to pack a couple of cute ones for photos this time around. My favorite are Aden + Anais. They are the softest and most lightweight and even easy to throw over your shoulder as a nursing cover!)
2 Burp clothes
Boppy pillow
(This is great for nursing in those hospital beds and to help older siblings hold baby!)
Toddler Overnight Bag
This added a whole new dynamic this time around! Harlow has an overnight bag packed for her stay with which ever grandparents she ends up while we are in the hospital, depending on when labor starts! I kept it simple with just two or three outfits, PJs and a toothbrush.
Things To Do While In The Hospital
This stuff is just as important as the items you bring with you! This is basically my to do list while we are away from home. I keep it saved on my phone.
-Make sure someone is taking care of our dog
-Cancel any remaining OBGYN appointments if needed
(I had Harlow the day before my due date so Brandon called and cancelled my 40 week appointment that was scheduled for the following day.)
-Cancel any client appointments as needed/Let your employer know
(I am a self-employed hair stylist so I’ll need to check my planner and contact any clients to reschedule if needed.)
-Contact newborn photographer
(I have already been in touch with our newborn photographer to make her aware of my due date but unless you are having a scheduled c-section, these things are almost impossible to set in stone ahead of time. Our photographer recommends photos within the first ten days when possible, for maximum newborn sleepy and squishiness. I plan on texting her as soon as I get admitted (or as soon as I get my epidural, haha!) so her and I can get something on the calendar, again making sure I have my planner with me will come in handy.)
-Pictures to capture while in the hospital
  Baby + Mommy
  Baby + Daddy
  Baby + Mommy + Daddy
  Baby + Mommy + Harlow
  Baby + Mommy + Daddy + Harlow
This may seem random but it was super important to me to have this list saved! I don’t have a single picture of me and Harlow while in the hospital last time. We just never thought of it. We took tons of pictures of the baby and I snapped a couple of Brandon and her but that’s it! I’m keeping this list as a reminder while we are in the hospital this time around!

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