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Surviving the Beach with Babies and Toddlers

I’m on a serious post-vacation hangover over here! We had so much fun in Ocean City, Maryland. We had absolutely gorgeous weather with seven days of sunshine but you guys know it can be so exhausting with little ones. As a mom, your vacation becomes all about making sure your kids are having the time of their lives and less relaxing for mama, haha! I have some tips to hopefully make your trip even more fun and easier on yourself! #momwin


1 // Beach Wagon

The first must-have is this beach wagon! As you guys know, kids have so. much. crap. Haha! I’ll be honest, we have two and filled them both up good for six adults and four kids! Between towels, toys, beach blankets, shovels and buckets, these things are lifesavers.  They hold so much stuff and the wheels are designed to maneuver easily in the sand. They are great for toting kids too! My sister even uses hers for walks to their neighborhood pool. They also work great as a make-shift baby bed in the shade. Whatever works right!?

2 // Water Shoes

I’ve joked about this before, my toddler is obsessed with the beach and water but hates the feeling of the sand. She prefers to keep her water shoes on versus feeling the sand between her toes. Seriously, #kidsareweird! These are my  favorite for a couple years now because she can easily get them on and off herself with one velcro strap.  The price point of these is great too. Water shoes are also great for leaving the beach when the dry sand has reached scorching temps in the afternoon.

3 // Baby Powder

Speaking of hating the sand, baby powder will also be your best friend! Sprinkle a little on your skin and the sand will roll right off! Harlow was thrilled because even though she loved playing in the sand, she still freaked out when she would realize any was actually touching her!

4 // Travel Potty

I’ve shared my love for the next product many times! I first fell in love with this guy while potty training and it still gets used all the time! We never go any where without it because we all know kids always pick the worst times to go!

5 // Battery Operated Clip On Fan

I bought this as an impulse Prime purchase while we were at a carnival on a hot evening about a month ago. It was so hot and I was so worried about the baby overheating in the car seat carrier, especially with having a cover over it to protect her from the sun. This fan ended up being the real MVP of the trip! It’s rechargeable and can clip onto almost anything. It helps keep your little one (or even yourself) cool and comfy!

6 // Melissa and Doug Water Wow

You guys! How am I just now discovering these? I grabbed one of these in a boardwalk shop for Harlow to have something “new” to entertain her on during the drive home. They are amazing! Just fill the “marker” with water and they can paint away with zero mess to worry about. AND when the pages dry, they turn back to white and are ready to be painted again!

7 // Restaurants with Playgrounds

I’ve talked about this before but one of our favorite things about Ocean City is they have multiple amazing restaurants with playgrounds for kids. You guys, I’m saying you can send your kid over to a playground to burn all their energy off while you get to sit and actually eat your meal …while its still warm. It’s a bold concept for some of us to think about, haha! But seriously, add in a cocktail and that IS #vacationgoals right there for this mama! Ropewalk is our favorite!

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