Summer Beauty Favorites

Summer calls for easy, breezy looks. These products are my current favs that help give me a fresh, less is more effect. Whether you are spending the Summer traveling, acting as chauffeur for your kids or just trying to beat the Summer heat and humidity, these will be your best friends! Cheers to Summer and cheers to easy morning routines!



1 // L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

When it comes to foundation, I tend to be a full-coverage kind of girl. With this one product, I can conceal all my skin’s imperfections, counteract redness and cover dark under eye circles. This foundation lasts all day, even through sweat. Sometimes I’ll mix it with my moisturizer for a lighter, tinted moisturizer feel. Every few months, I will venture out and try something new but I always end up coming back to this foundation. I usually wear Shell Beige (102) but have been wearing Natural Buff (103) with my Summer tan.

2 // Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

I just purchased this on a whim right before vacation after hearing some rave reviews about it. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used a bronzer in years. I think I might have PTSD from years of over bronzing! We all had those days, right!? I am pleasantly surprised by this stuff and have been wearing it every day since! It’s not orangey at all and gives a soft sun-kissed glow you can build. It comes with this own sponge/brush applicator I was skeptical about but I actually love the way it goes on! It always smells amazing! I have been wearing the Light (6675) shade.

3 // Wet Brush

We have so many of these floating around our house between me and my toddler! These are the best detangling brushes around. They have been getting an extra work out this summer between sweat and swimming, while I have been washing my hair more than usual. These brushes glide through wet hair with minimal pulling, just ask my overdramatic toddler, haha!

4 // L’Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

I have mentioned my love for this mascara on here before. It is an excellent dupe for Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. The formula is so similar and gives the same results for a fraction of the cost. The last time I went to buy it at the drugstore, I accidently picked up the waterproof version. I didn’t notice until I had a little more trouble washing it off that evening. I loved this stuff for vacation. It didn’t budge in the ocean or pool. I actually just overall love it for  humid weather because it doesn’t smudge onto your eye lids. It is a little harder to wash off at the end of the day but a little baby oil took the excess right off! I always wear the Blackest Black color in the waterproof and original.

5 // NYX Butter Gloss

I’m not a huge lip stick or lip gloss person. But when I have a full face of makeup on, I like a little something on my lips. I love the texture of this gloss. It glides on and isn’t overly sticky. It wears beautifully by itself or over a matte color. The shade I have been wearing this Summer is Crème Brulee.

6 // Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid Spray

During the Summer humidity, I am all about putting in as little effort as possible when it comes to my hair because I know my usual style wont hold up. This is my favorite beach wave spray. It works great on curled hair, keeping curls more intact in the humidity or on naturally dried hair for a soft, touselled look. It is also my best friend on day two or three to revamp my style without using any hot tools.


What are your Summer beauty favorites? How do you find yourself modifying your morning routines during the Summer months?

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