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Six Month Old (+ Toddler Sibling) Daily Schedule


Days with a newborn can be a total cluster-eff. No clue when they will need a diaper change or eat (hello, cluster feedings!) again. No idea if that nap you just laid them down for will last two hours or two minutes. They are sure to start crying as soon as you hop in the shower and will most definitely have a blow out as soon as you get them snug and buckled in their car seat. Fast forward six months- you are hopefully a little less exhausted, the baby is eating more at once, less often and you’ve started to at least be able to envision what your new normal looks like. I am always curious what other mom’s daily schedules for their littles look like, especially to see if there is anything I can do to make my day easier, less stressful and even more productive. Right now at six months, I’ve got my babe on a good schedule which is much more than I can say for when my oldest was this age- even though she was sleeping through the night at three months, I couldn’t get her a daytime schedule for the life of me! In hindsight, I think I was a little all over the place, trying all types of different things. This time around, I have tried to model the new baby’s schedule around my toddler’s schedule to make my life easier and more importantly get that double naptime in when they are both sleeping (can I get an, AMEN!?)

A little more background about our days around here. I was a full-time hair stylist for six years before having my oldest daughter. Since she was born three years ago, I now only take clients on the weekends and some weekday evenings. Now, I am a stay at home mom and blogger so I don’t necessarily have a workplace I go to each day, my house is my office. My three year old also has a preschool program she goes to a couple days a week I drop her off and pick her up from. I also watch my one year old niece a few days a week so my days can be different from one to another. Some days I have my two and we don’t have anywhere specific we need to go. Some days I have the three of them at home, some days I have all three of them and my oldest has school- It all just depends. That being said, this is still the schedule I keep my six month on during the week, regardless. My six month old is now strictly bottle fed and just started some solids a couple weeks ago. She sleeps through the night in her crib and naps in a swing in her room during the day. I really think the swing helped form her nap schedule. We could put her in there to prompt naptime and she couldn’t help be rocked to sleep. Now that she’s familiar with her daily schedule, I would like to try to transition her to napping in her crib soon (wish me luck!)

There are also a few things I do everyday, regardless of where we are going. Things I do whether we are planning on leaving the house at all or not. These are things that help me as a SAHM, feel like a normal, productive member of society. These are small things that also help me be more productive and fulfilled everyday. I highly recommend reading that to get a better feel for my days and how are make them work. See the full post HERE.



5:30am: Wakes up + eats 4oz + back to sleep in swing

She goes right back down to sleep right after this bottle. Morning naps are the most restful naps for babes. After she is back to sleep, I will start getting myself ready, before my toddler wakes up. I get dressed, brush my teeth, do my hair and makeup. Right when I am finishing up, my three is usually waking up. I get her dressed, then we come downstairs and she eats breakfast. If I didn’t have to time to finish my hair and/or makeup, I’ll finish it while she’s eating. Then I brush her teeth and do her hair.

7:00am: Wakes up + plays

We are pretty much all ready for the day at this point. My three year old will play freely with toys from her toy baskets or with her play kitchen. If it’s a day I have my niece, this is usually the time she gets dropped off. Some mornings, I’ll put on a thirty minute show (Daniel Tiger and Pinkalicious are favs over here!) for her and the three year old so I can start getting things done for that particular days to do list- work on the computer, pay bills, load/unload the dishwasher, start or move over laundry. When the show is over, I feed my niece breakfast.

8:30am: Eats 4oz + plays more

If this is a preschool day, we leave the house right after this feeding. If not, this is usually when I offer some type of “special” play to my toddler. This means I let her play with something that is kept packed away, separate from her toy baskets. Some of her favorites are building blocks, fridge magnet lettersCalico Critters, and Minnie Mouse dress up. I find she gets bored of the things in her baskets and/or will only play with whats on top. Keeping some things separate, keeps them special and getting to play with them is a great good behavior incentive, too.

9:30am: Down for nap in swing

Is this usually right when we get home from preschool drop off so I put my niece down for a nap too if she is here. I try to get as much work done as possible during this time. I usually spend this time working on the computer. If it isn’t a preschool day and my toddler is home, this is usually when I start her on some type of structured play, such as play-doh, painting, some other type of craft or sensory play.

11:00am: Wakes up + eats 4oz + plays

Is this is when it’s time to leave for preschool pick up. I load the baby up in the car after this feeding. I grab my niece if she’s here too. We pick up the three year old then head back home. When we first get home, I empty her backpack and go through any papers and projects sent home with her. She explains her artwork to me and tells me about her day.

12:00pm: Eats baby oatmeal/cereal + plays

This is usually when we all eat lunch and hang out and listen to music in the kitchen. The six month old is happy hanging out in her high chair with teething toys while I prepare everyone’s lunch and the toddler is usually having a dance party or pretending to make lunch like mommy is her play kitchen. My niece eats lunch, too. After we all eat if they are all still content, I try to go head and get the dishes done and unload the dishes from that morning, if necessary. After that, we are in the home stretch until naptime for all of them. I try to keep them as happy as possible so they will go down at the same time. We usually do puzzles, practice flash cards, play a memory match game and/or read books.

2:00pm: Eats 4oz + nap in swing

My toddler (and niece if she’s here) goes down for her nap at this time too so mama is free! Again, I either hunker down and work on the computer, clean up the lunch time mess if I wasn’t able to earlier ands try to get one at least one heavier duty cleaning task outside of my daily stuff done- clean one of the bathrooms, Swiffer the floors, closet clean out, toy basket purge, etc.

4:30pm: Wakes up + plays

She’s usually pretty entertained watching me make dinner either in her jumperoo or in her high chair for a change of scenery.

5:00pm: Eats 4oz

This is also when I will wake up my toddler if she is still sleeping and if its a bath night for her, we will go ahead and do that right after my niece is picked up around this time. The six month old will hang out in the bathroom with us in a bouncer. After her bath, the three year old will go straight into pajamas. Even if she doesn’t get a bath, with winter’s chilly and dark evenings approaching and I know we wont be going outside any more for the day, I will go ahead and get in her jammies when she wakes up so its one less thing to be done (or have her fight with us about) at bedtime. We eat dinner when my husbands gets home from work.

7:30pm: Eats 6oz + down for bed in crib

If it’s a bath night for the six month old, we do that in kitchen sink right before this, using this baby bath. She loves the bath so if she is being fussy that evening, sometimes I’ll start bath time a little earlier just to try to really stretch it out and keep her happy. We tried doing combined baths in the tube but honestly it was more of a pain than it was worth right now. We’ll try again soon though and try to get those bath times combined and condensed (yes, pleeease!) For how, I usually I try bathe them on opposite nights. Our three year old has to clean up her all her toys every night before heading upstairs for bed. Then we usually have her help us put the baby to bed- turn her sound machine on, say her goodnights to her, etc. Then we will start getting the three year old ready for bed. Usually, I will pick out her outfit for the next day and my husband will brush her teeth and put her into bed and read her a book.

After they are both in bed, I usually start prepping for the next day. I load the final dishes into the dishwasher, pick up what’s left around the living room. I’ll give our downstairs a good sweep and vacuum. Then I usually finish up any remaining computer work for the day while my husband and I catch up or watch a show. After that, I workout in the living room, then I can jump in the shower and start to unwind for the evening.

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