DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Hats

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, my loves! Today I am re-sharing one of my very first blog posts from two years ago. Each year, as Harlow gets older and is able to grasp the concept of each holiday more, the more fun it has become for the whole family. Being her first year in preschool, tomorrow is will be her very first Valentine’s Day party and y’all, she is so stinkin’ excited, it is SO sweet!

Over the weekend we made these adorable VDay heart hats and she has barely taken hers off! Anything she can wear, gets extra points her in book. Especially if it is something she can pretend is a crown, haha! Maybe you’re looking for a quick post-nap activity before getting ready for your Valentine’s Day dinner? All you need is a paper plate, some scissors, crayons and markers or even paint if you’re feeling fancy!

First, decorate the BOTTOM (under) side of your paper plate how ever you would like! You could even use my heart stamps if you have drying time to spare. You can use paints, crayons, colored pencils, stickers- the possibilities are endless! Next, fold your plate in half and cut like this.


This pic above is actually a throwback pic from the very first time we made these hats with my niece two Februarys ago!

Then open your plate up and here she is! Harlow’s hat this year was the perfect size for her head but in years passed I have cut the back and taped or stapled it to make a smaller size. Your little Valentine (and their stuffed animals apparently, haha- see photo above) will love these. What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?


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