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Five Current Favs

It’s been a hot minute (or two or twenty, haha) since I have shared some of my current favorite things with you guys. To be honest, I have really been trying to be more intentional with what I share. I don’t want to throw together a blog post just to get “something” posted that does absolutely nothing for you guys. The internet has a way of throwing so much junk at us nowadays, in 2019 I have really need trying to refine my content and make it as useful as possible for you. And in true Marie Kondo fashion, I have had some products really bring me joy lately and I’m thinking they may just do the same for you! Here are 5 things I am obsessed with right now!

1 // High-Waist Leggings

Like most things I end up falling in love with these days, I randomly stumbled across these. All my current leggings were looking so dingy and have seen better days. Replacing them just kept slipping my mind (like most things, haha!). My husband and I always joke about something one of us or the household needs and we always say “its on the long list”. Meaning we know we need it, we just keep forgetting and/or don’t feel like spending the money at the time. Thankfullly, my sister and I were at Target with the kids last week and I actually freaking remembered to look at some leggings! It was truly a miracle between the kids tearing up the dollar spot and fighting over who got what color toy. I was looking for solid black leggings for every day wear (and by every day, y’all know I mean EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Haha!) At first, all I saw were the ones with the athletic wear and I honestly just didn’t love the sheen on them. I had moved on (or got distracted but then decided to loop back around the clothing department on the way up to the register and found these puppies! No lie, I put them on as soon as I got home and they feel like butta! I happen to be back at Target a few days later to pick up an online order and while I was there I had to scoop up another pair! I love that these are high-waisted and love  waistband on these. I have been running in these as well and they dont fall down at all. They are soft, flattering and most importantly not see through in the slightest.

2 // Thayer’s Witch Hazel

These toner is still fairly new to me and I honestly have no idea why I haven’t been using it forever. It is so refreshing after right after washing my face and super affordable. This formula isn’t drying at all and removes any residual make up left on my face even after cleansing. I have my full current skincare routine saved to my “skincare” highlight on Instagram for reference!


3 // Stok Cold Brew Iced Coffee

This is another gem I stumbled upon! You guys know I am a coffee fanatic and ever since my last pregnancy I prefer iced coffee instead of hot, year ’round! While I love making my own cold brew, (it is SO cheap and easy, see my simple cold brew recipe here!) the only bummer is it takes time to “brew”- meaning needs to set in the fridge overnight and as my life has gotten busier, I have had several mornings where I am out of my batch and forgot to prep some the night before. AHH! Waking up to no coffee is literally what nightmares are made of! So, I have enjoyed having some ready-made in the fridge for the times I am in a bind, during this busy season of  life! I love the black, unsweetened brew. It is so smooth! I like to add a couple splashes of flavored creamer and it tastes dreamy.  It’s an amazing pick-me-up!


4 // Women’s Champion Sneakers

I actually purchased these last Summer after I got cleared to work out after having my newest babe. You guys, I am no marathoner, (SHOCKING, I know!) but if you are looking for some comfy shoes to work out or run in OR even just want some super cute sneaks to wear with all your ath-leisure wear to the grocery store, these are perfect! They are silly affordable and super cute! I have the Light Pink Mesh color (shown above) but they have fourteen colors to choose from. Seriously, FOURTEEN! As I am typing this, I think I may need another pair. Ahh, they are all so cute!


5 // Dolce + Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette Rollerball

Another stumbled upon item. One of my best friends gave me a sample of these stuff. I really haven’t been a perfume person in a few years. I honestly have no idea why, I just haven’t. So when I friend gave me this sample I didn’t think much of it. Well my mind has totally been changed! I love the light smell of this fragrance and I love the convenience of tossing the rollerball into your bag and being able to reapply with some lip gloss and instantly feel  a little more put together (something I have shared with you guys, I need desperately these days!).


What are some items that have brought you joy lately?

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