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Five Current Favs for Kiddos

Five Current Favs for Kiddos

I came in hot last week bragging about my Five Current Favs featuring all kid/baby-unrealted items. You know, just things I have been really loving for myself and bring me joy. Not a feeding or diapering product in sight, haha! Well what can I say? Mommin’ is my full time job so anything that can make said job easier or keep my kiddos happier, thus making my job easier is a huge win in my book. So I am sharing some real mom-lifesavers, today! These are products I have found myself using daily. Some new discoveries, some old re-discoveries, all amazing!

1 // Boon Feeder

I love these little feeders for baby to chew on without having to worry about choking. I had a few of the mesh, fabric-like ones with my oldest and while I loved how they worked, they were always so hard to clean. That makes this one from Boon perfect! It holds a good amount of food, we especially love filling it with fruit and it is super easy to clean.  Some of our favorites are clementine slices, raspberries and blueberries. Babies can basically chew on it (great for teething), getting all juices out through tiny holes. You don’t have to chop or cut up anything for them. These are even great for babies just starting to get some food exposure. The handle is perfect for tiny hands to grip, too. These are also life savers for keeping little ones busy at restaurants or while I’m making dinner.

2 // Perforated Slide-ons for Toddlers

I have had my eye on a pair of Native shoes for my toddler for a couple years now. I love the idea of a super versatile, water-proof shoe for her versus traditional sneakers or slide-ons that get stained and muddied up but didn’t love the $30-$45 Native price tag. I stumbled across these lookalikes at Old Navy and they have amazing reviews! Only $14.99 and I have seen them on sale for $10 a couple times (that’s when I scooped mine up!). I was able to order online and do free ship-to-store. I also read several reviews saying they run a little big so I got her current size instead of sizing up like I usually would to last all Summer. They are just a smidge big so I think they will be perfect all season long. Full disclosure, Harlow has only worn these once (most days haven’t been warm enough yet) and she did get a small blister from rubbing but she tends to get those with most new shoes. I will keep you guys posted as it gets warmer and they get broken in! They also have them available in solid colors for both girls and boys.

3 // Nose Frida

This gem is kinda of an oldie but a goodie. This nose sucker was a lifesaver when my oldest was a baby and it is still a favorite mom product of mine. After using this you will agree those bulb-style aspirators aren’t getting anything out of your baby’s nose, comparatively! I use this constantly on baby and still do on my three year old too who has just learned how to blow her nose (instead of sucking it all back up, haha) to really clear her out. And guys, if this is the first time you are seeing the product, feel free to be completely grossed out. The concept is … intense, haha! But I promise you it works wonders and there is no chance of getting anything gross in your mouth. Any mom knows seeing your baby sick is the worse and anything that can help them feel better or get better sooner is a keeper and this will do just that!

4 // Plum Organics Little Teethers

These are our absolute favorite teething biscuits. Again, I just stumbled across these at Walmart when my oldest had first started eating some real foods and they became her favorite. I have started buying them again for my youngest and they have quickly become her favorite, too! They are perfect for babes to chew on because they dissolve in their mouths, avoiding my choking paranoia. They are organic, non-GMO and super cheap. I usually scoop them up at Walmart or even add them to my online order when I do out bi-weekly formula order. Amazon sells them in bulk, too. I love that they aren’t overly sweet and are helping expose her palette to different veggies as well as fruits. I also just love the texture and consistency of these versus other “rice husk” teething biscuits. While those tend to be less expensive, my baby can gobble one up in seconds versus one of these Plum Organics Little Teethers that will keep her busy, gnawing on one for much longer. My little one can eat three of the other teethers in the time it takes her to eat one of these so its not really saving me any money buying the cheaper ones. The Banana Pumpkin and Spinach Apple Kale are our favorite flavors.

5 // Nuk Mash and Serve Bowl

This is a newer product to me as my sister can got one for me. This makes prepping and making food for your baby SO easy. Perfect for mashing up banana, avocado, raspberries and more in seconds! I seriously wish I had this guy months ago or even when my first born was a baby. It is way easier to use and clean than some other similar products I have used in the past, too!


What are your mom must-haves you cant live without?

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