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DIY Advent Calendar

This is one of favorites from Christmas 2018, scroll to the end for an Advent Calendar makeover and update!

Y’all know this is my absolute favorite time of the year! The music, the movies, the decorations, my tree … Ahhh I could go on forever! We talked about doing an Advent calendar in years passed but wasn’t sure my daughter was old enough to really understand and enjoy it. This year she is three and this age has been my absolute favorite so far for the Holiday season! Everything is so magical through their little eyes. It’s so special!

As my husband would say, “you cant just do something simple, can you?” He insisted on just buying an Advent Calendar. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, what can I say? I get these ideas in my head and I just love making them come to life! AND contrary to how it may look, this was super simple to put together! The idea actually sparked when i was on one of my usual purging sprees and I came across this poster frame (pictured below) we had sitting in our guest room closet.  We had a Starry Night poster in it and it used to hang over our bed when we lived in my sister’s condo, almost a decade ago.


[HERE] is a link to the frame. I spray painted it red and painted the cardboard backing of the frame with chalkboard spray paint.  I bought a twine + mini clothes pin bundle and white bags from Amazon. I pushed push pins into the back of the frame and wrapped twine around them tightly. Next, I hammered the push pins all the way in so the twine couldn’t come undone. When placing your twine, keep in mind it will stretch and sag/drop some from the weight of the clothes pin and bags. I filled each bag with a piece of paper with either a scripture or a fun holiday activity and a Hershey Kiss. Some of our activities include:

  • Read The Polar Express
  • Make a card for someone
  • Make hot cocoa
  • Take a family drive to see Christmas Lights
  • FaceTime a cousin
  • Pick out a toy to give away
  • Watch Rudolph

 I love the way this turned out and can’t wait to start using it! I also love that it can be used and even changed year after year. The frame can easily be painted another color, the bags can be stenciled on or swapped out for brown paper bags and of course you can decorate the backing with chalk. I love the idea of moving the thumb tacks and twine and hanging this vertically, too!


I ended up falling in love with this piece so much, I couldn’t bare to pack it away the rest of our Christmas decorations! I ended up painting it white to match my year-round decor and hung it up as a place to display kid’s art work. I ended up changing the direction of the twine and hung it up vertical to fit the space best. I have a highlight saved on Instagram labeled “FrameMakeover” along with this post and this post, sharing how we use it all year long!  I love it’s new home, hung up on our living room wall. Here is her updated look for the 2019 Holiday Season!



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