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DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

This is one of my all time favorite holiday DIYs! I just love how sweet they look! Not to mention they only take a few minutes to put together. My daughter and I made these last Christmas as party favors for my nieces for our Holiday party. Each girl loved them so much and I love that it is keepsake they can keep forever. I used traditional sized mason jars for these to keep them all uniform but I think making some with varying sizes of jars and trees would make an incredible display, too!

mason jar (size of your choice)

bottle brush tree (that fits your size jar)

epsom salt

glitter (optional)

marble or flat pebble (optional)

hot glue


1 // Mix glitter with epsom salt if desired- it does add a pretty sparkle!

2 // Glue bottle brush tree to the inside of the jar lid and let dry [I glued the tree base to a marble first to help it be more visible and sit above the height of the lid rim]

3 // Scoop desired amount of epsom salt into jar

4 // Screw lid back onto jar

5 // SHAKE!

That is it! Sweetest, cheapest and easiest keepsake ever. I’ll be scooping some different sized jars and trees to expand our little collection!

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