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5 Ways to Help You Look More Awake

Rolling into the New Year and when I’m laying in bed at night, I’m dreaming of kicking 2020’s booty! Then my alarm goes off and #momlife and all other #adulting things leave me feeling… less then rested. We’ve all been there right?! My clients are constantly asking me how I always look so wide awake and put together even first thing in the morning. Well i’m finally sharing my handful of tried and true that I swear make the world of difference!


1 // Eye drops

I’ve noticed as I have gotten older [turning 30 has hit me like a ton of bricks!] my eyes are either red in the morning or just not as bright white as usual. I started adding eye drops to my morning makeup routine as needed and it has made a huge difference! Putting the drops in not only wakes me up, it makes my eyes light up, too. Literally helping me feel bright eyed [+ bushy tailed!]


2 // Concealer

This  may seem like an obvious one but the right under eye concealer can make the world of difference. I try to match my foundation and only go 1-2 shade lighter (depending on tan or lack there of situation). Going too light can also draw more attention to your under eye area versus camouflaging it. I roll this on the entire width under my eyes and also extend some down along the sides of my nose in the inner corners, making a triangle shape. While blending, I bring any excess product out to my temples and up onto my eye lids. This covers any darkness and helps light reflect better, especially if you have deeper set eyes like me.


3 // White eyeliner

White eyeliner can be somewhat intimidating but it really to simple to use! I use a little under my brows to bring my arches up and to the inner corners of my eyes to again, help light bounce. Adding white liner to your lower water line as makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Extra useful for the days you feel like you are going to need to tape your eyes open, haha! I love this white liner by Younique.


4 // Blush

You may not think blush would have much to do with looking awake of not, but I am telling you blush can bring your complexion to life! I’ve joked on Instagram Stories that when I first start my makeup, I can start looking like a corpse. I use my foundation and concealer to get rid of the color I don’t want on my face- like dark under eye circles and excessive redness. BUT it’s important to add some color [or life] back to your face! The whole point of blush is to give you a natural flushed look- you know like someone could have made you actually blush already this morning instead of looking like the true coffee fein-ing zombie you really are! You guys know I love this Maybelline Trio for contour, highlight and blush.

5 // Water

Speaking of coffee, you guys know by now I am a self proclaimed coffee addict. And while I do believe the right brew can have magical powers some days, the truth is coffee [or really any caffeine for that matter] dehydrates our bodies. So, it is important to keep up your water intake! I always say, have as many cups of the good stuff you want in the morning or even throughout the day for that matter but be sure you have a full glass of water between each cup! Water will help wake you up and get your body working the best it can.

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